Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!
Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!
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Ray was absolutely fantastic! He sold our first home of 14 years and helped us purchase our new home. He knows his profession well and used his experience to the best of our advantage when both selling and buying. He was a great asset to have on our side. He was able to explain each step of the process and guide us along the way. He was very responsive and able to get in touch with contractors for any needed repairs. He went above and beyond and we are so grateful to have been able to work with him. We went from discussing if we were even interested in selling our home through final closing on a new home within 3 months. I never imagined everything could happen so fast, but am extremely happy that it did. We love our new home and location and look forward to many blessed years here.

Karol, Tampa, FL (Zillow review)

My wife and I waited for a long time to sell our home and upgrade but we were concerned about what we would get for our house on the market. We had a minimum number that would make it all work and Ray assured us we would get that. We ended up asking for more and accepted an offer over asking price. Everyone on the Mihara team was responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Special thanks to both Tom Erwin and Mike Eagan for an outstanding job. The Mihara team handled both the sale of our home and the purchase of the new one. We ended up paying less than asking with closing costs thrown in. We had a specific goal with parameters to make it possible and Mihara & Associates made it happen. Also, we used the lender and title company Ray recommended which made the entire process seamless. We almost just sat back and watched.

Brian, Tampa, FL

Rarely do we pay attention to unsolicited mail that arrives at our home but we are so thankful that we did. We received a personal letter from Ray Mihara inquiring about a home we owned in Lutz, Florida. We owned that rental home in the Tampa area and were challenged with trying to sell it while we had tenants in it. Ray brought investors to the table that were serious and we felt like he had our best interest in mind at all times. He understood our concern for the current tenants and negotiated a deal where they could stay put. We don't even live in Tampa and the closing was a breeze. They sent us that paperwork packet and we had it signed, notarized and the money was wired to our account the same day. If you are in the market to sell or buy a home or you have investment property or rental property you are interested in selling, OPEN THE LETTER!! Call Ray!

Flower Mound, TX (Zillow review)

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